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Maxim Gorky

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Viva la revoloution!

Whats going on?
There's broccoli on the boulevard!
Squash by the sidewalks!
Radishes by the roadside!
Yes, there is some radical gardening going on.
I went for a walk in my old neighborhood of Haultain Fernwood the other day and found this going on...
People are taking over once, water guzzling grassy boulevards and turning them into micro gardens.
Some have no backyards...
These people live above store fronts..
I met Chris and Aurora planting fall flower seeds this day...
What a better way to spend a few hours.
Do you see what I see?...
Yup...that's corn and kale growing by the bus stop!
One house has taken over the whole front area beyond their yard...
There was a woman and her 2 children taking a walk and looking at the progress of the veggies in her neighborhood...what an education!
Some may call it guerrilla gardening...trespassing on public property...urban farming...
Whatever you call it, I think it's a good thing...a GREAT thing.
Saves the city workers mowing the grass that's usually there which equals less air and noise pollution.
Saves water. The garden shades itself and uses mulch to conserve water.
And even though people in the city have access to large amounts of water, these gardeners collect rain water to help ease the strain on public resources...
Oh yes...this is definitely the land of casual living!
Responsible composting is a collective effort here...
Everything in the neighborhood benefits...
These crows will likely use debris from plants for nest building.
The area has a real community feel to it.
Even the garbage bins are looking good!
Are those fairies moving in now too?
So here's to all of those who are making this a greener world.

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