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Friday, November 5, 2010

Another day at the beach...

On the east side of the Island, where my folks live, there's a little town called Sydney.
Apparently it has the most book stores per capita in Canada.
But when Norene and I went out there it was to scrounge for buried treasure.
First a scramble down the rocks and under the pier...
At one time the railroad pulled right up to the shore to meet ships coming in and I guess, like most people back in the day, you didn't think twice to dump garbage overboard.
There was no plastic back then, so glass, pottery and metal was chucked.
This is one of those beaches full of mostly broken things, but once in a while you might get lucky and find a bottle intact.
Today was not our lucky day but we still brought home a bag of bits and bobs for later projects.
Knowing Norene, mosaic artist extraordinaire, she's already using her treasure on new projects for her upcoming studio tour...have a look here if you're in the Victoria area in November. 
(She is listed under the guest artists)
Unbeknownst to me was that little piece of rose coloured glass on the upper left hand side.
I picked it up for the colour and then found out that it's quite rare in the beach glass world!
The fog rolled in on us but weather never deters a collector!!
So next time you're on a rocky beach with a bit of history...
Dive in...
you never know what you're going to find...

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the wild magnolia said...

I had fun too, seeing the treasures you found at the beach.

Thanks for sharing.