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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update on Puppy Love...

Some of you may have read about my daughter, Aja, fostering a rescued Jack Russell from a puppy mill.
Since then, she and her boyfriend Paul have decided to give her a permanent home.
So here's an update on how they're all doing with the new life...
Emma is doing really really well.  She basically house trained herself by watching other dogs, so we didn't even really have to do that.  She is super super cuddly  and LOOOOVES going for hikes at High Park and in other off leash areas and she does extremely well off-leash. 
We took her hiking last Sunday with Paul's sisters dogs Scout (border collie) and Frasier, another Jack Russell. She gets along really well with Frasier but she is still quite iffy about big dogs.
  Taking her to High Park every weekend helps because most of the dogs in the off leash area really don't care and just give a quick sniff and move on, so she's learning that they won't bother her.
 Amazing that only a little over a month ago we couldn't even get her to sit anywhere near us since now she's such a cuddle monkey with Paul and myself.  
 We've got her doing sit, down, come and stay so now we'll start working on more some difficult stuff.  I'm sure she'll be easy to train since she's quite clever.
 I still think it'll be a long while until she is more like a normal dog.  
She's still quite fearful of any other people that aren't me and Paul, but she is getting better every day and starting to sniff people in the elevator so that's a good sign.


acornmoon said...

I love your little Jack Russell, we also have one, the best little dogs ever!

Molly said...

Amazing what a little love can do!