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Maxim Gorky

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Movie review...

Last night we watched a great movie that came out for HBO TV several years ago.
Bill Nighy plays a reserved cabinet minister with the British government.
He's about to attend the G8 summit in Iceland to address the issue of mortality due to world poverty.
On one of his tea breaks, he meets Kelly MacDonald in a crowded cafe and so begins a quiet
unassuming relationship.
He impulsively invites her to come to the conference with him, innocently enough.
She knows little about the issue at hand, but quickly learns and makes her opinions
well known in the circles of politicians.
Not to Bill Nighy's liking or his boss.
Anyway I won't give away the end because it's a fantastic film worth seeing.
Damien Rice adds his music to the soundtrack as well as Sigur Ros.
Here's a little taste of what Bill Nighy's character is fighting for...

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Brenda Stratton said...

Kerry,'s been so long but I never miss your posts. I see a book one day. I've been very busy in my new role and loving every minute of it. Anxiously awaiting summer now so I can start growing a few things. Take care, Brenda