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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breaking yet more dishes...

All this week during the Sooke Fine Arts Show , my friend
and mosaic artist extraordinaire Norene Schmuck, is volunteering her time, talent, efforts 
and pounds upon pounds of broken dishes, to create a community based art project.
It will soon grace the front of the public restrooms in Ed McGregor park in Sooke.
A HUGE improvement over the ugly, cement walls which stand there now.
There are even pieces of crockery found on the beach below the park, included in the design.
It is two large panels which depicts people playing music and painting in the park.
People are stopping by from near and far to contribute...
Here's local Hardware guy, Bob, adding his piece...
And from Redding, Northern California, we have Vicki...
She's a real life firefighter on a well deserved holiday celebrating
a significant birthday...
Let's just say her trip is 50 days long...
Local yoga teacher Elise, her kids and mom Sylvia 
got in on the action as well...
My niece Stephanie, is helping with a ladies orange and yellow dress...
 All week long people of all sorts are coming by, admiring and getting giddy
with the fact they they will be a part of this gorgeous piece of public art.
It's part of the 25th anniversary of the art show.
(by the way, that's the work of my boss Karen and co-worker Claire...floral design Queens!)
So if you're in the area, come on down, have a look at some truly FINE art
and break a dish or two while you're there!


gz said...

Real Community Artwork :-)

myletterstoemily said...

as a confirmed non-artist, i am amazed
at true artists. beautiful!

the wild magnolia said...

Great share! Community!

farmlady said...

Oh what fun!! Wish I could come visit.
Love the mosaic. What a great idea having people help.
Enjoy the week and what appears to be nice weather.