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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Monday, July 11, 2011

Good things...

Seems like this time of year, it's all about the garden...
What's abundant, what's coming up, what's to eat.
Right now, in my garden, roses, iris' and strawberries!
This morning after my walk with Griffin, I took my little basket out
for yet another batch of strawberries...
I'm not sure if it's because of the honeybees we have now, but this has been
a bumper crop this year.
I've had these plants forever and I don't know where they came from.
Probably one of those friends who had extra 'babies' and pawned them off on me.
Now these are not the prettiest berries around, but OH! the flavour!!!
They remind me of the precious little wild strawberries in their flavour.
So intense and sweet and full of July.
I remember a friend of mines mother used to make wild strawberry jam.
It must have taken her forever to pick enough to make it.
One time while I was visiting, we were sitting down to toast and tea 
and she asked me to go get a jar of jam out of the pantry.
I came back with my chosen jar and the room went COMPLETELY silent.
GASP! I had chosen one of her few, precious jars of wild strawberry jam!!
They were only reserved for special occasions.
Of course being a young, city girl, I didn't realize the faux pas I had just made.
Lucky for me though, the jar was opened by said mother,
and I was educated on the rare, culinary extravaganza of 
wild strawberry jam!
I've also got these beautiful roses in bloom right now...
They are a David Austin rose called 'Abraham Darby' and are the most
deeply scented rose around.
If I could, I would, strap one to my face and walk around all day 
inhaling the lemony, rose, tea blend which is intoxicating!
Just imagine...
Unfortunately they don't last at all as a cut flower so I bring them in
when they're just about half way through blooming and float them
in a pretty bowl of water. 
 They'll last for a few days and give us their perfume every time you walk in the room.
I move them around with me wherever I'm sitting or working in the studio.
Last but definitely not least are these gorgeous iris'...
These DO last for at least a week after cutting and have a second bud which opens
up after the first one fades away...
So, a few treasures to behold at this most horticultural rich time of year...


the wild magnolia said...

I am now "strawberry rose" happy. Stunning photo's and sharing.

acornmoon said...

Those strawberries look wonderful! I have roses like yours too. I love the idea of displaying them in shallow bowls of water. The petals fall so quickly but the smell is divine.

farmlady said...

Gorgeous photos!!
My Mom use to dry rose petals. I do to. It's very easy to do. A basket is best and lets the air circulate and dry the petals. Just turn them over once in a while. After the roses go dormant, you will have the fragrance of Summer in your house all Winter.
Those Strawberry photos were almost real enough to eat.
Enjoy them....

Cobalt Violet said...

Wow what a gorgeous pop of color! Beautiful photos. Great way to start my day! Thanks Kerry!

-The small strawberries are always the best! mmmmm