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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Say the word Filberg, around the end of July and everyone around here knows what you're talking about.
Food, beautifully made crafts and more importantly the music!
For $30 for 3 days, you will be entertained from noon till about 7 p.m with
some of the best Roots music around.
As a bonus, you get to hang out in Comox...
A small town on the north end of Vancouver Island, about 3 hours from Victoria.
More specifically, the festival is held at Filberg Lodge Park...
Like a lot of towns in B.C, Comox was built on the backs of the logging industry.
Robert Filberg was a logging baron who made millions during the early days.
The lodge in the park was intended to be a summer cottage when the Filbergs
started to build, but after completion in 1935, they decided to make it their permanent wonder!
With 9 acres of parkland and views like this, who wouldn't want to live there!
 But Robert Filberg never forgot the people of Comox and when he died, he bequeathed his entire
home and property to the town as well as millions of dollars to several other organizations in the area.
Anyway every B.C day, for the past 29 years, the Filberg Festival opens the gates and invites you in
for an amazing 4 day weekend.
Here's a taste of some of the music we saw.
I've included links in case you want to hear a sample.
First up...
These guys opened the festival and I was too excited to get good photos of all 3 of them together
playing but I did manage a groupie shot at the CD tent...
They had the greatest embroidered suits!
One of the faves for me was
 Although during her hilarious song 'Bargan Shop Panties' she was upstaged by this little beauty...
What did W.C Fields say about working with children and animals?
 A few Canadian icons were there as well...including Murray McLaughlin and his group
 One of the greatest songwriters in the folk business with songs that'll bring tears to your eyes
 In the mood for some Chicago blues?
Russell Jackson is the guy for you.
He played with BB King for 8 years and definitely knows his way around some funky bass lines
 When you see live music, it's always a surprise and this young guy, seen here with his old man,
Barney Bentall, blew the crowd away...
Heavily influenced by Gram Parsons and Neil Young but bringing his own magic to the industry.
 He had this hot young fiddle player with him as well, who shredded a few hairs on her bow!
Always room for dancers!!
 Vancouver based Steve Dawson is a virtuoso at any instrument he touches...
...and his bass player was a show stopper as well...
 Bare feet and all...
 While the list goes on and on, I will leave you with a video of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.
They've put out a new cd entitled "Kings and Queens" which has 14 great women singing
along on some amazing tracks...
My new favorite disc to play.
Hope you get to catch some great music this summer as well!



the wild magnolia said...

Splendid share and photos!

Ashley- OffTheHooks said...

wow! looks like a nice little festival. i'm always on the lookout for things like this.. thanks!