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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brave new world...

 It seemed that our summer had only just begun.
After a long wet spring, we dove into a long wet and cold summer. 
Plants were slow to start, bare legs, barely came out into the light of day.
And then in August the sun and the heat really came on.
Our faces turned a bit browner as they turned toward the sun.
Lakes and rivers became places to swim, not just a place to walk along.
The veggies began to plump and the bees buzzed a little louder.
All was right and beautiful in the world.
 But life is ever changing.
Now the school bus rumbles down our road  again.
Twice a day like clockwork.
Autumn is wrapping her arms about us.
Blackberry pickers pop up on the sides of the road.
Trying to contain the last of summers flavour.
She is cool and foggy in the mornings.
Like me, her moods can change.
Clear and warm and then shrouded and hiding.
When I go out to the garden, I take my cue from the sunflowers.
 Standing ever so tall and brave, turning their heads to follow the final countdown of warm days.
They are proud of their stance and show it.
 Knowing that soon their heads will droop and later feed the winter birds.
I am gathering creative 'nuts', so to speak.
Anticipating new projects that will take me into the studio.
 It sits vacant more than not during the summer months.
 Waiting for that first cool day when I come in with mug of tea in hand,
turning on the CBC, firing up the stove, watching the birds get ready for winter
through rain streaked windows.
On another note, I am feeling so grateful for all who have been thinking
of my family and I right now.
Social Networking can have some negative feedback but
I feel that through posting and reading others blogs, we have found
kindred spirits amongst us.
Sharing bits of our daily lives is a personal thing and I thank you all
for allowing me into your world.
I feel that's what life's all about.
Connecting with humankind.
Finding those common threads and discovering new and different ones as well,
giving strength and faith in these crazy times.
Hope your autumn is bringing you promise as each season should.


the wild magnolia said...

Delightful post is word and picture. I especially love the orange/red sunflowers. Simply beautiful photos. I feel better for having visited this day.

gz said...

September chill is here, darker evenings, and the rows of runner beans and sunflowers leaning away from the wind

Suz said...

such a beautiful bit of writing
made me smile
made me think of loss and its sweet sorrow
yes, like the beautiful tall sunflowers..look up toward the light
thinking of you daily

Akannie said...

Life and its perpetual closer to my land brings me such peace...watching the flowers come and go...the vegetables sprout and grow and fruit...and now, here too, the days are getting shorter and the chill is in the morning air.

Time for big socks.

Ciara said...


Though, having just this week procured a corner in Jay's studio, now that the Smallest is in school and I actually have time on my hands, I must confess to have slight, nay, significant, studio envy........!

It's out of this world! :-)
C x