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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ancient art...modern technology...

Back in the '50's, some brilliant film maker invented the 3D movie experience.
Audiences donned special glasses and were brought into the film as if they were part of the action.
Last night, for the first time in our lives, Tom and I went to see one of these movies.
We were both surprised to find out this little known fact about each other after 12 years!
With our ticket we were given the updated version of the 'special' specks'...
I like how it says "real 3D"! (as opposed to fake 3D).
The film was in a word 
"The Cave of Forgotten Dreams" is the latest by Werner Herzog.
You may know him from such films as "Grizzly Man" or my favorite "Fitzcarraldo".
He is an incredible film maker and has such an interesting way of telling a story.
"Cave of Forgotten Dreams" is a documentary about the cave paintings inside 
a lost place called Chauvet in Southern France.
32,000 years ago people went far into these limestone cliffs and began to tell
a story of great animals that once roamed these lands.
This cave is so fragile and an important archaeology and geological marvel 
that it is locked up and guarded form the public.
Werner Herzog and his film crew were granted permission to film in 
these caves for a very short time.
It is an exclusive look into a world of stories of which we will never
know the true meaning of.
The detailed artistic impression of the animals on the walls is stunning.
If you love art, history, exploration, or are just in the mood to be 'WOW'd'
you must make a point of seeing this film.
The music is just as haunting and beautiful.


acornmoon said...

I love 3D films, such a weird experience.

Suz said...

WAY back in the 50's huh?
you don't say
yep, I loved everyone I went to see
and some that tingled your seat while watching....oh the old days of a movie theater...but back to your post
I am gong to try and find this movie..right up my alley
look up this small movie on the internet....The Butterfly Circus...I saw this one a day ago..and I'm still thinking about it....
WHat no picture of you in those glasses?

gz said...

I'd love to see that.
The oldest art found in the UK, like this is on a fingernail size piece of bone, of a running horse

Robyn said...

Awesome movie!! It was my first 3D experience too! But the alibino crocodile part was made up by Werner..or, at least the part about them becoming albino because of a nuclear power plant nearby.

BTW, I highly recommend watching Herzog on The Colbert Report...also awesome!

Cobalt Violet said...

So happy you saw it! Loved it too! thought it was perfect use of 3D and beautifully done . I've seen Grizzley Man but not the other one- I will have to rent it! Thanks for the tip!