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Saturday, October 29, 2011 more

One more bit on the further adventures of Saltspring Island...
After we left the old homestead, Irma suggested we go down to Burgoyne Bay
by the sea before catching the ferry.
Needless to say we found more heritage heaven on the way and
never made it down there!
As soon as we took the turn down Burgoyne Bay road, we saw this old beauty...
The lady who lives across from it told us it was probably an old storage shed for
the dairy that used to take up a large portion of land along this road.
...definitely a skilled stone mason used all kinds of bits and bobs in this creation...
We were reminded of old world buildings which always peak interest in our quest
for stories of days gone by...
 Next to this building was a curious, round roofed shed, probably
used to house tractors, plows and such...
Once again, craftsmanship, craftsmanship, craftsmanship!
All beautifully wrapped in history and mystery...
Further on down the road was yet another icon of the dairy.
We figured this one was the main cow barn where the herd was fed
and possibly milked.
Standing tall, containing the ghosts of farmhands and dairy maids...
These grand old barns are being taken care of and lovingly restored to
once again tell their tales through the words of the remaining elders
who remember a much quieter, slower time in the farming industry...
Finally, this building, surrounded by the golden days of autumn...
Needless to say, by the time we had poked around here for a while
we had missed our intended ferry and ended up on the later one.
A small price to pay for discovering another link to the pioneers
who settled here and helped 'grow' this island.
This whole farm property is a park now and has been left for others
 to explore and wonder whilst wandering.


the wild magnolia said...

These places are made of fairytales....I believe these building were very well constructed. Your photographs are stellar, great clarity, beauty again and again.

Thank you, for sharing.

gz said...

worth missing that ferry, to see those buildings, each an individual.