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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Others...

Wow! I just saw that this is my 600th post!
Who'd a thunk it?!
I'm always intrigued at the creativity of other artists, especially sculptors.
I've been following a site called The Daily Art Muse and came across 
this really interesting sculptor who uses chicken wire for her medium.
I've used it myself several times for armatures but never seen it used in this way.
The story of the sculptures she has been working on is most incredible as well.
Have a look here.
Next time you go to make a little fence for your garden or hen yard, you may be inspired!


farmlady said...

600 posts. That's a respectable achievement lady. congrats!
These animals are amazing. Who would have thought that chicken wire could be used like this. Only an artist, I guess, and she is an amazing one.
The sculptures are beautiful. You can see the muscles so clearly. I enjoyed the video and watching her sculpt the wire into a shape.
Thanks for the artistic awareness. It's good to see how other artists create.

gz said...


Cobalt Violet said...

Amazing sculptures ... thanks for sharing.

Congratulations!!! That is impressive!