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Maxim Gorky

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Song for Friday...lovely

(*NOTE: i've had a few comments where people can't view the music
video...The song is called "Mission Bells" by Armistice so I do
hope you can find it for view where you are.
Apparently it's only available in Canada...just like Red Rose tea! PITY!
Good Luck.*)
When my daughter was here in January, she put
a bunch of music in my library.
I love hearing random songs that I don't know and wonder
"who's this?"
One of my new favorite songs is this one from a band
called Armistice. They come from Montreal and
this song is really sweet...
Have a great weekend all.
Happy May!
(Thanks Aja)
thanks to Rebecca from Brooklyn who found this link for anyone not being able to veiw the 1st link!


farmlady said...

Oops! I went to the link and they said... "This video contains content from UMG.(?) It is not available in your country. Sorry about that."
Awwww! I always look forward to your Friday songs. Maybe next time.
Have a great weekend.
I love your daughter's name... Aja.

rebecca* said...

Gorgeous!!! The video is available in the US via Vimeo:

farmlady said...

Thanks for sending me the Vimeo link Kerry. It worked and I got to see and listen to Mission Bells.
Very nice duo. Love their voices. It's the kind of song that you want to dance to. Great beat.
Thanks again.