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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love green spaces in the city.
Allowing those who are wedged in between concrete to get out and feel the grass between their toes.
A sunny day after much rain and grey around here brings folks out in droves.
I took a walk with Griffin through Beacon Hill park yesterday.
I'm always reminded of this Chicago song.
We first walked through the high grass up to the flag pole, which is Beacon Hill...
Up here on the grassy slopes there are signs of the First Peoples who buried their dead here.
They were rediscovered in 2005 when city workers uncovered
 them from a dense patch of Scotch broom...
Unfortunately they had been moved at one point, unknowingly,y until a local archaeologist
had them returned to (sort of) their original place.
You can read an interseting but sad article about it here.
These mounds were part of a huge prehistoric cemetery belonging to the Songhees People.
These fields were also important food sources to the Songhees, as they would
harvest Camus bulbs come July. These are a wildflower that were prized for
the bulb which was kept and stored and eaten like a potato.
As we came up over the hill, we were treated to this sight of a massive freighter passing
through Juan de Fuca straights with a large sailing ship, dwarfed alongside...
After I came home and looked at the photos, I saw that it was from Panama and as if just for
me, it had a huge letter 'K' on the smokestack!
The kite surfers were out in the blustery winds today along Dallas road,
 the southern tip of Vancouver Island...
If you look to the farthest hills in the background, that is where I live.
Back into the park, I was witness to the joy of a summers day...
Through the sun dappled trees, I come upon one of my favorite elements in the park...
The medieval stone bridge built in 1889, reminds me of the old world and
scenes of my beloved Ireland...
Hello duckies!
Bottoms up!
A peek through a Japanese waterfall...
 to this old cast iron fountain...
There's also the bandstand...
I spent many a summer evening here for Jazz in the Park...
...and this little gazebo used to be an aviary back when I was a youth... housed canaries, finches, doves and budgies and was heated through the winter.
Now it tells the history of the park.
I miss the birds.
The best trees live in the city.
Out where I live it's all native and wild species, which is beautiful but city parks
always have unique 'specimen' trees.
We always called these Snuffulupagus trees...
But for me, the most amazing tree is this Sequoia...
 It's lower limbs smoothed from decades of young and old hands and feet climbing to
sit on ancient wood...
I love how it seems to reach invite you up...
Oh the many children who've dreamed of the tree house it could hold!
The thrill of a swing in such grand arms as these!
Back along the path, past the Cricket pitch and clubhouse...
I tip my hat to the preservation and conservation of such spaces.
Important for play, deep thoughts and healthy living.

1 comment:

farmlady said...

What a magnificent tree that Sequoia is. I wonder how old it is? What its seen and how many storms it has been through. Beautiful!
Love to walk with you and that ol' dog of yours. You live in such a lovely place. That bridge, the history, the ocean and all.
Thanks for a great post.
Loved the upended duck photo too.
Take care.