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Monday, June 25, 2012

Movie review... Think.

Last night I watched a fascinating documentary by a young Vancouver couple called
"The Clean Bin Project".
They were tired of garbage and plastic packaging and disposable "stuff'"
and decided that for 1 year they wouldn't buy ANYTHING except food and neccessities
and use their own bags and containers if they needed them.
WOW! Where do I start?
This film will really get you thinking about the amount of garbage produced
by plastic and where it ends up.
Some of it in the bellies of birds...
No lie. This is an albatross from the island of Midway in the Pacific
Ocean where the adults are literally eating this stuff to bring back to feed
their chicks and the chicks are dying from it.
The artist Chris Jordan who is featured in the film, will give you some amazing images
and facts about plastic garbage.
Have a look at this...
Look familiar?
Based on the famous Japanese woodcut, it is Chris' rendition but made up
of thousands of bits of plastic found floating in the ocean.
How about this?
It's kinda like a tree landscape but if you looked close, it's 1.14 million paper bags.
The amount used every hour in the U.S!
His artwork gives you a sense of numbers.
People can tell you a number but when it's something so high as this,
it helps more to SHOW you what it may look like.
Her's the amount of cell phones retired every day in the U.S...
half a million...where do they end up?
Now I'm not picking on my fellow Americans, it's just that the artist is from Seattle
so he gets his 'inspiration' from his country.
Canadians have loads of their own garbage as well.
We all know that the world can't change overnight but we also
know that one small change can add up when millions of
like minded people start to do little things to help.
I hope you get a chance to watch the film.
It's inspiring and will definitley make you think twice when someone
offers you a bag that you probably don't need.
Just a little plug for Mother Earth.

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