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...a glimpse into life on Vancouver Island, needle felting, photography, food, gardening, etcetera...etcetera
"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not so Wordless Wednesday...happy birthday!

He is the most friendly...
A tad scruffy...with a dash of goofiness.
 He is a deep thinker...a sensitive lad.
The kindest of souls.

Throughout the past 9 years Tom and I have walked hundreds of miles with him.

We've swam across oceans and back.
Many winter days, we have come home to be by the fire
Summer days we've played with the kids and found comfort in the shade of the apple trees.
Sometimes he looks at me and I wonder what he sees.
In times of sadness, and solitude, he has been there.
Never to question anything.
He's The Dude.
Happy 9th Birthday Bud!
(and to brother Frank as well!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Milk run...

Yesterdays excursion to pick up the milk turned joyous!
I brought Regina along so we could take the dogs for a walk
and then afterwards it was off to the farm.
The 'girls' were in the barn chomping down on fresh hay.
Regina was very pleased to meet them...
You know how W.C Fields once said:
"Never work with children or animals" ?
I think part of it is because they'll upstage you every time,
but it's also evident in these pictures that they tend to move around a lot!
The barn is a bit dark as well but I kind of like these photos.
It gives me the sense of the characters of these girls quite well...munchy, bossy and curious...
Look at these gorgeous sunflowers and glads that VV was putting down
by the road for sale!!
 We were lucky enough to bring home a few other goodies with the milk...
By the way, the top 3" in the milk jug is cream!
Yeah baby! Real....thick...cream!
My veggie garden has been shite this year so I'll just keep on
supporting the local growers, doing what they do best...
As you can see I had already had 2 big salads before I took some photos, so
the mixed greens are just about gone.
The tomatoes were absolutely delicious!
Warm and juicy!
I'll make some of those beans for dinner tonight...
That there is homemade cheese!
Oh so creamy and tasty...
And if we only had 'smellivision' on our computers, you
would be in heaven with the scent of fresh basil!
I'm as happy as a clam!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catch up!

Man, Rosie...sometimes those humans are SO slow!!
Come on you guys!!!
I know Griff!...we've already been to the gate and back...whats taking you?!
Hurry! You have to see this...
Hey, Rosie,  I've been here before!
It's the Sherringham Point lighthouse!
I love it here!
And such a glorious morning too!
So, whats this building for Griff?
Well, Rosie, on foggy days and nights, it blows a big horn so the ships
can make their way safely past the rocky shore.

Let's get a closer look...
It's REALLY big hey?
Hey Griff, I know another great place really close by...we can run from here...
WHAT?! I don't think I want to go there!!!
No, No! It's o.k's called that because it's a really tiny beach!
Hey, is that a stick that Regina has?
Look there's even a rope swing too!!
Kerry loves a good rope swing!
Hey Rosie, look at all of these mussel shells.
Do you think it's a compulsive / obsessive otter?
Yeah, maybe Griff. Or maybe just a really organized raccoon!
Looks like Kerry and Regina are headed for that bench for a rest.
Yeah, Rosie....I'm a little tired and ready for breakfast myself.
See you next walk!