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Maxim Gorky

Sunday, January 20, 2013

'New', old books...

One of my passions is collecting old books, especially ones for their covers.
I know, I know, "never judge a book by it's cover", but as far as
beauty goes...I have judged many books as objects of art just on their covers.
(just a few of my collection...)
The other day I was Up Island with my friend Irma and we
did some thrift store hunting. Here's some of my latest finds...
This one is definitely my favorite.
Love the name, love the picture, love the authors name and I especially
love the dedication...
When I open an old book, quite often there's an inscription as to who the book
was given to, when and by whom...
That was for this book...
So I was quite thrilled to see when I opened the inside cover of this book...
It was signed by the author!
Or as she put it "the writer".
I always like to see the date as well and wonder...if the pages could talk.
A few others that I've recently acquired...
 How beautiful is this cover? So Lonesome!
This one was most definitely calling my name...
Although I don't think I need a 'how to' on junk shops! 
These 4 I found together for .99 cents each.
They are Dutch, which I don't read or speak but I loved the graphics on them...
And this one is quite funny.
It has all kinds of advice for children on health and manners.
Sound advice.
Someday I hope to have these books on display so I can see the covers.
Maybe something like a plate rack but for books.
I know I'm not alone in my passion since just yesterday Valerie
over at acornmoon posted about some of her latest 'new' old books.
How about you...have you any treasured old books?
Happy thrifting!


Suz said... and I have the same darn addiction...can you believe it!!
I should show you my collection!
....oh what fun we'd have scurrying out of the car first to hit the book section!
Love the dog book...may look that one up myself

Stone Angel said...

Kerry! This is a wonderful post. I especially love the Aberdeen doggie and the Dutch books. What wonderful finds. Regarding the book on health I wish it could be published in China - I think a lot of spitting goes on there.

Mairéad said...

You're old books are beautiful - you've got some treasures there. I really like the edition of Black Beauty.
I used to buy a lot of second hand books when I was at college, just paperbacks, but that's a long time ago. Now I always seem to be trying to get rid of books as they keep overflowing from the bookcases.
There's one charity shop which seems to get some good books in - picked up a nice copy of 'An Edwardian Lady's Country Diary' in it a while back - have been meaning to blog about it.

Felicity Hayes-McCoy said...

I love this post. It reminds me of so many hours I've spent in junk shops, charity shops and secondhand bookshops discovering books just like these.And, like you, I love the inscriptions almost as much as the books themselves. Thank you for sharing your findings.

Cobalt Violet said...

Love old books and their covers!!! I have some that I bought just for the beautiful art plates/illustrations ... It used to be much easier to find them here for a bargain but it's getting a little more challenging!