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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Film review...Buck

This is a picture of Buck Brannaman doing what he does best...
Communicating with horses the only way he knows how.
With respect, dignity, understanding and compassion.
A friend of mine who had to go through a very sad time with her horse
lent me this film to watch...
It's a documentary of a man who suffered terrible abuse as a child
but who turned it around to do something profound and meaningful in his life.
Buck learned from the master horse whisperer Monty Roberts who Robert Redford
based the film of the same name on.
Robert Redford also directed this film for Sundance and it was
nominated for an Oscar in 2011.
If you love horses or any animals, this film will blow you away.
Buck shows us the lessons of teaching with love and understanding.
He denounces the idea of 'breaking' a horse to get him to do what you want.
Some people have called it voodoo.
Some people's lives have been saved by it and some people's
hearts have been broken by it.
This is a powerful and intense film not only about
fixing problems with your horse but about
picking up the pieces of a broken life to begin again.
It's about looking at yourself first.
Without a doubt, one of the best films I've ever seen.
(p.s have a few tissues handy!)
Here's the trailer...


Nancy Kay said...

Thanks for recommending this movie. I watched the link to the trailer, and it looks fantastic. I'm going to look to put it on my Netflix queue.

Have a great weekend!

Melody said...

great movie tip~ I'm going to see if Blockbuster has it for the renting. :))))))