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Friday, April 19, 2013

Song for Friday...justice unserved

In 1989 five male children aged 14 - 15 were arrested and later
convicted of a violent and brutal crime.
Film maker Ken Burns tells their story in his latest
documentary called "Central Park Five".
It's a story of innocence lost and the manipulation by the justice system
to find scapegoats without due care and attention.
A powerful film which I urge you to watch.
The trailer...
...and the theme song sung here by Nina Simone...
have a great weekend all...


Melody said...

I hope that our on the run terrorist is brought to justice very soon... a very tense and anxious time here for everyone, with a dangerous and angry young man on the loose. I wish it was all just a movie, and not quite so real. :(((

Nancy Kay said...

My thoughts are with you, Melody, and I hope this young man is apprehended soon.

I've seen a couple of interviews with Ken Burns, and they have been so interesting. The injustice served to those 5 is deplorable. It saddens me. Let's hope that kind of injustice does not occur again.

Good song...well sung.

farmlady said...

I don't think we have any idea how it really is to be black in America. We can listen to a song like this and still not know the real impact. The burden is still great... but I think we are learning, as a country, to be more tolerant and we are letting go of old hatreds with each generation.

But, someone still hates us, as a nation and what happen in Boston will make us understand this fear that Simone sings about. We have been put on notice.