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Maxim Gorky

Monday, March 17, 2014

Top o' the mornin' to ye...a song for Monday

Well today is the day that half the world takes claim to their Irish heritage.
I am fortunate to make this claim honestly as my grandparents
are from the Emerald Isle and the land is a place close to my heart.
(Antrim Coastline)
(Dingle Peninsula)
As I traveled Ireland's lovely roads and green hills a few years back with
my dad and daughter, I became even more involved with
my love affair with The Motherland.
(Aran Islands)
So today I send a tribute out to the land, the music, the people,
and the cultural heritage of which travels far and wide
and leaves many trails behind.
(music shop, Killarney)
Yesterday I went to a fantastic live show at Cherry Point Vinyards
to see Ruth Moody and her band. If you've never seen her, have a look and listen.
She has the voice of an angel and the writings of a poet.
As a tribute to St Patricks Day, she did a rendition of this song.
So here is the original version for you now.
Happy St Patricks Day all!


Nancy Kay said...

You posted beautiful pictures of Ireland. So lush. And I loved the music too!! This was a fitting tribute to all that's Irish! Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Mairéad said...

Belated St Patrick's Day wishes. I've been so busy of late that I've fallen behind with blogging and even catching up with my favourite blogs.
Love your photos - hope you get back to Ireland again soon.