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Maxim Gorky

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Soap crush...

 Have you ever been in love?
(I mean with something, not someone)
Oh, sure, there's that great old '48 Ford pickup truck and dream houses and far away destinations
but I'm talking about life's simple, essential food and wine
and for us gals (and probably some dudes) yummy smelling body products!
 This is my latest crush...
 ...rose geranium hibiscus soap...
 ...smooth, bubbly, luscious, heavenly scented and all natural!
Guess what?
 It's made about 15 minutes from here in lovely Jordan River, Vancouver Island, B.C. small batches to assure quality and freshness...
...beautiful, apothecary's style packaging...simple and classic.
Soap makers extraordinaire, Jordan River Soapworks, has perfected the art of making the most
lovely products....this sample of their black licorice soap almost
made me want to take a bite out of it!...
And it's not only myself who loves the stuff but anyone I've talked to,
including those with skin sensitivities who's used their product
has testified to how much they love it.
In fact Jordan River Soapworks products was inspired by the owners own skin sensitivities.
Not only are the soaps lush-a-licious but their line of other products
including body butter, lip balm, shaving soap, bath soaks and the most 
scrumptious gift sets are available. 
(think Mothers Day AND Fathers Day coming up!!!!)
You can shop online here or if 
you live in or near Sooke you can find their products
at Inspire...6711 Eustace Rd...right beside Stick in the coffee in town!
Buying local? Buying organic? Buying cruelty free?
It's a good thing!!


Suz said...

must check them out

Cait O'Connor said...

Luscious soap, I just found your lovely blog via Mairead's.

Nancy Kay said...

What a GREAT advertisement for this soap...the company should hire you! The pictures make it look so desirable ...all that's missing on this ad is the smell... but I trust your judgement! LOL.

farmlady said...

You should go into advertizing. That was one great sales pitch. Of course your beautiful photos help a lot.
That liquorice soap is so beautiful. Looks like a real piece of candy. I will check out the site.
Great photos...