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Maxim Gorky

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ohio bound!

Years ago (pre The Fantastic Mr Fox movie) I made a sculpture 
based on this drawing...
 I loved its whimsy and the fact that foxes and rabbits could be chums.
It came from an old children's book circa 1918...
Meanwhile back in Lancaster, Ohio, a woman was perusing my past sales on Etsy and
asked if I could recreate the sculpture for her.
I was more than happy to since this was definitely one of my favourite sculptures to make.
...and so 'Fox piggybacking Rabbit' was reborn!
AKA 'Knox and Polly'...

Whiskers courtesy of the local horses tail...
 Because the sculpture is so light I added the gumboots for stability.
They are made out of a clay (Sculpey) which is fired in a household oven.
 There's something so beautiful and magical about foxes.
We don't have them here on the Island but I've always been fascinated with
their colour, sleekness, slyness, sense of smell, fluffy tail and the
eerie call they make at night.
Rabbits, hare's and bunnies...well who can resist them in all of their compact sweetness
 The woman who ordered the sculpture also holds a special place in her heart for foxes and 
purchased 'Jack'... well as ordering a sitting fox!
( stay tuned for pictures of him as well)
 I would love to see her collection.
So off they go on their merry way to Ohio...
So long Knox and Polly!
Safe journey!

1 comment:

Suz said...

oh those are gorgeous
and now I know who is buying up all the foxes
They are magical wonderful creatures
I love the rabbits look on his face
just adorable