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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Friday, July 17, 2015

Jane Ann's garden...

Well it's been a busy summer so far and I'm trying to catch up on my tales of adventure.
First of all, for all of you wanting to know about Miss Georgia, that story will be 
coming soon but suffice it to say she is THRIVING and crazy and healthy!
My sisters youngest girl came to stay for 2 weeks and now that she's left
to go to my folks house, things around here are SO quiet.
She is a child of genuine happiness even though she has been through so much in her 
12 years on earth. Her sing-songy chatter is missed dearly in the rooms
of this house now that she's gone but I'm looking forward to her return visit in August.
One thing on her bucket list for this summer was to go camping.
So we loaded up the van and hit the road!
One of our treasured visits was with my friend Jane Ann who lives
on a little Gulf Island about a 3 hour drive and a 20 minute ferry ride away.
Jane Ann is a constant gardener.
Every room in her beautiful wooden house has a view of some part of her lovely property...
Even though there has been no rain for almost 3 months, her garden is thriving...
 Love the colour of these alstromeria!
 The roses smell divine
And the bees are working steadily...
A few more snippets of some of her gorgeous flowers...
 It's a photographers dream here...
This copper beach in the evening sun's glow cemented my feelings 
of it being my favourite species of trees...
The weather has been so warm that we took a rare evening swim in the lake.
Stephanie absolutely loved that!
In the morning we took a stroll down to the marsh which lies along Jane Ann's property...
 Because of forest fires in the area the sky had a constant glow of golden hues.
It was very surreal and unnerving but beautiful at the same time...
Do you see the bald eagle preening in the tree?
Jane Ann has many tales to tell of her 30 plus years watching life on this marsh...
After breakfast we went for a ramble on 'moonrock' beach with Dez and Beau in tow...
This is a type of conglomerate cold water sandstone when exposed to wind and water
 leaves the holes from the tiny pebbles once embed ed within...
 Once again...time to get the camera out!
I love this type of rock...reminds me of another planet from another time...
Such an awesome place to explore!
So there you go.
Some of our adventure to share with you.
We were treated to amazing sunsets that would begin hours before the sun actually went down
thanks to the Sproat Lake fire.
 A silver lining of sorts.
Till next time!