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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 days...2 rescues...

I'm not sure whats been going on but 2 days in a row I've had to rescue birds
who've flown into windows. Maybe they are a bit tipsy from
all the fermenting fruit they're eating, change in the weather, full moon?
The first was this Thrush who I found on the driveway...
Upon further investigation, I noticed little feathers on the window of my
van and figured she must have flown into that. She was a bit stunned but otherwise seemed o.k.
Her wings and feet were in tact and I figured she just need a 'time out'
after her encounter with the window...a bit of a bang on the old noggin.
I put her in a box with a towel and put her in my studio and took Griff for a walk.
When I came back she was still calmly sitting in there so I took her
out to sit in the sun. As you can see by these photos she was quite
happy just to sit on my finger and chill out for a while...
(made for a nice 'Wordless Wednesday' photo too!)
She didn't seem bothered by Griff either...
After about 15 minutes I held her high up and moved my hand a bit and just like that
she was gone.
This morning I heard a bang outside my bedroom window and found a fox sparrow
on the roof. (no pictures this time)
So I brought him in and kept him inside my sweater for about 20 minutes.
When he started to rustle around a bit I slowly went to hold him so I could see
if he was ready to go and very quickly he flew out of my hand up into the window.
After a quick rescue with ladder and net, I took him outside and off he went
with tales of adventure for the grand birds!
Holding these wild birds is a gift and even more so that they were o.k
 and just a bit stunned for a while.
Sometimes all they need is some warmth and de-stressing...just like us!


Mairéad said...

The Thrush is a beauty - very different from ours.
Glad both your rescues were ok - you are very
kind to look after them.

Ciara said...

What a stunningly beautiful bird, and yes, what a blessing to hold such tender beauties in your hands, Kerry. All my years living in the midst of a bird sanctuary, and I've never been so lucky. :-)

Mary said...

What a beautiful bird! And how sweet that he wasn't afraid of Griffin. I adore birds, and all wildlife. I'm so glad, and you are so wonderful to take the time to rescue these two lovely creatures. :)

farmlady said...

To my friend, the bird whisperer.
You have given them respite for a while and given yourself joy.
Wonderful photos. Amazing that the little bird wasn't afraid of Griff. Do you suppose he is a "whisperer" too?